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Every day, we serve delicious, great-value cuisine made with the freshest and finest ingredients. As a business, Loco Ono strives to become a local’s go-to food point and a hot place for travelers to stop by when visiting the Biggest Little City in the world.

Hawaiian Inspired

Loco Ono was established by a chef that wanted to bring new and innovative food to his hometown. Growing up in Reno, Chef Daniel has always felt that the surrounding area lacked different dining options, and many had weak execution on the food they were serving. It was evident that many owners had a mindset of just nickels and diming the food they produced to the customers.

Chef Daniel knew it was time for some change and took the initiative to do it himself. He was inspired with a new vision: to create a restaurant that Reno has not seen that served quality food made with the best ingredients that everyone could enjoy. In 2017 Chef Daniel made his vision a reality by creating Poke King. This was his first attempt at providing Reno with something they haven’t experienced yet, and fortunately, it became a success. In the last four years, Chef Daniel built his business on the foundation that serving quality food made with the best ingredients always came first and that it was more important than squeezing every penny for profit.

After serving locals hundreds of thousands of bowls as Poke King for four years, he wanted to take the already successful business to the next level. This sparked the beginning of Loco Ono.

Loco Ono has now elevated to providing locals with the best of all worlds with the freshest poke bowls, marinaded poke by the pound, and hot Hawaiian-inspired dishes carefully crafted with love.

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